College isn't about just going to school...sorry, parents. For many prospective students, the campus experience--location, activities, amenities, athletics, and parties--is very important in making them feel at home. It's hard to enjoy the "best years of your life" if you aren't having fun. Business Insider ranked the 30 "most fun" colleges in the U.S., and Iowa is VERY high on the list!

B.I. used several different criteria to come up with their rankings--categories that would show a strong social life, high student investment in athletics, lots of alcohol, and a high quality of life.

David Purdy/Getty Images

Based on their data, Iowa was ranked 3rd out of 30, ahead of fellow Big Ten member schools Wisconsin & Penn State.

School spirit is ingrained in the culture at the University of Iowa, and students turn out in droves to support the Hawkeyes. Iowa boasts a lively party scene, earning the school No. 2 rankings on both Princeton Review's "Party Schools" and "Lots of Hard Liquor" lists. -Business Insider

The Hawkeyes certainly know how to party--I mean, one of their fight songs is "In Heaven There Is No Beer"--so it's no surprise to me that they scored this highly. Which other Midwestern school ranked higher than Iowa? Click HERE to find out!

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