The controversial movie that was pulled from the Tribeca film festival last year has an educational team on tour and they made it to the Quad Cities.

Every now and then, I love to watch a great documentary that leaves me thinking. Last year, I was invited to watch Vaxxed: From Catastrophe to Cover Up in Chicago and Moline.

The Vaxxed documentary makers decided they weren't going to stop at just showing the movie. They decided to take it on the road in a tour bus to educate others. The Vaxxed bus landed at a private residence in Davenport, IA. last Sunday. When I saw it in person, it was very eye-opening, as was talking with the families there.

Polly Tommey talks with the crowd and interviews families.
Polly Tommey talks with the crowd and interviews families.


This film was originally scheduled to debut at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca film festival. When film makers threatened to pull out of the festival, they decided to cut the film from the list. Robert DeNiro made an appearance on the Today show about it.

I'm still learning about this issue and think it's a very important topic. No matter what side of the fence you are on with this movie, I'm wondering what you think and if you've seen it? Let me know your thoughts at B100QuadCities on Facebook.


Here's the Vaxxed Movie Trailer:

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