The biggest severe weather event so far this year unfolded for areas north of I-72.
We've heard numerous reports of power outages. At this point we are hearing that there are over 300,000 power outages across the midwest, many of which are in Iowa and Illinois. There are also many reports of flooding. Which isn't a shocker to us in the Quad Cities, especially in Davenport.

There were reports of power outages in all 4 of the Quad Cities.

Hardest hit Illinois counties were:

Hardest hit Illinois counties were:

Severe thunderstorms continued into the overnight as there was a warm humid air hoverin over us. These storms did not let up. Central Illinois and north towards Chicago caught what we caught minutes/ hours later.

3 Possible tornadoes today in the Midwest.
80+ MPH winds in Iowa.
1 Injury in Iowa after a semi flipped over.
Numerous reports of tree damage in al over the Quad Cities

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