Something is brewing in Bettendorf at the Vibrant branch. Similar to Vibrant's headquarters in Moline, the branch off of Ridge Pointe will be transformed into a Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen.

The work to make this change begins in a couple of weeks, but soon folks who do their finances with Vibrant can also get some coffee and something to eat at the same time.


In a press release on Thursday, the Moline-based financial services company Vibrant announced it's turning the Bettendorf branch (3230 Ridge Pointe) into its second Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen.

Beginning June 2, 2023, the building will close temporarily to undergo renovations to convert the space from a traditional credit union branch to the latest location of Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen.

Matt McCombs, President and CEO of Vibrant, Vibrant
Matt McCombs, President and CEO of Vibrant, Vibrant

Vibrant first introduced this new retail model at its Moline headquarters in October 2022 that delivers banking services alongside handcrafted coffee and energy drinks and an expansive food menu. Matt McCombs, President and CEO of Vibrant knows this sounds like an odd combination but he says they're a natural progression.

“Those regular in-person interactions we all once had with our banks have become few and far between. To keep those relationships strong, Vibrant has reimagined what a branch can be and is flipping the script in the communities we serve. Most of the time, we’ll just be your favorite place to grab coffee and a quick meal, catch up on work, or hang out with friends. But when you need help with your financial goals, we're here for you.”

At Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen, in-house dining and drive-thru offerings include:

  • A wide variety of beverages from house-roasted espressos and refreshing hand-mixed energy drinks to hot and iced teas, chai, and smoothies
  • All-day gourmet breakfast options and a wide array of lunch items with sandwiches, soups, and salads to enjoy
  • House-roasted, locally produced coffee beans so you can experience your favorite brews at home
  • A curated collection of one-of-a-kind apparel and gifts from local artisans and suppliers

Like its Moline location, the Bettendorf Coffeehouse will be open to the general public. There’s an extra benefit exclusively for Vibrant members who will receive a 20% discount on all food and beverage orders when they pay with a Vibrant card.

Following renovations, Bettendorf’s Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen should open by the end of 2023. The exact hours of operation will be announced later in the year.


Members who banked at the Bettendorf branch have multiple banking options available, from visiting Vibrant’s newest branch at its Moline headquarters to carrying out most transactions, including face-to-face consultations with Vibrant bankers, from a smartphone or tablet device.

Credit union services at Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen will be available when it reopens.

For more information about this project, please visit Vibrant’s website at

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