The bravery this Bettendorf woman faced to share her story is commendable. What she endured is horrifying. 

Imagine having to flee your home, with two small children in tow, go into hiding, staying anywhere you can, including hotel rooms just to be safe. Then imagine what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night when you thought you were safe, only to have your abuser standing over you, threatening to kill you for the next 7 hours. Sadly, this very incident happened in Bettendorf just a few months ago.

Despite her reports, and her order of protection, she wasn't protected. Neither were her children. This is a common story for women trying to survive. Nearly 150 women are still being turned down for services in Iowa due to lack of resources.

The following video and exclusive story from may be disturbing for some. Please watch. It could save a life in the Quad Cities.



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