I attended a virtual wedding this Saturday. It was for a family member of mine who lives in Texas. In total about 25 people attended. Some from Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas. It would have been very difficult to get us all together pre-COVID, but now it was basically impossible.

This lead to a beautiful service, that was very different than most.


Key differences odiously were the times. Most wedding in whole take up most of a day, this one took an hour. Attire was less formal, and the champagne we drank was sent to all guests about a week in advance.

The roughest part was the awkward pauses since some didn't know when was a good time to talk, or how to unmute on Zoom, but that was after the ceremony, so we were all very understanding, and it was great to meet my new family members, and see old ones.

The Marriage officiant was my grandmother, who had to use my house since she didn't have WIFI, and it was a truly different and unique experience. It was still beautiful and fun, and I can now see why so many people do it.

In the end virtual weddings are still happening & may be here to stay.

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