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Laurie Cook Photography

As you've heard on the air, I am back in the studio after almost 2 weeks of being off. The past two weeks have been absolutely incredible and September 19th of 2020 is my favorite day ever.

Before we get to all of the pictures, I want to thank a decent amount of people for everything they did to pull of this wedding. Without all of these people, Ellie and I wouldn't have had the most special day. Our day was full of love, happy tears, smiles, joy and some more love.

First, I want to thank her parents, Ken and Kim, and my parents Terry and Beth. Both parents helped out a ton in preparation for our big day. They were there for us as a big support system from when we had to move our wedding from June 27th to September 19th. They listened to us complain, talk logistics through, and to have a cold drink with and relax.

Second, thank you so much to our wedding party. As you saw on Wednesday, they pulled off an incredible dance at our wedding and it was perfect! And this wasn't a small wedding party either. Ellie had 6 bridesmaids and a maid of honor. I had 6 groomsmen and a best man. Like I said, not a small wedding party at all. Just because I know they would all like to be included in this article, I'll introduce you to them:

  • Ellie's bridesmaids (in order) were Cassidy (maid of honor), Krista, Courtney, Kat, Amber, Rylie, and Jodi. Ellie also has two awesome personal attendants in Ally and Maryssa. Thank you ladies for being the best of friends with Ellie and taking care of her while getting ready on our wedding day.
  • My groomsmen are the best group of groomsmen ever. They were (in order) my best man and brother Nolan, my brothers Shamus, Scott, Sean, and my best friends Dustin, Travis and Jon. Ellie's brothers Ryan and Kevin did a super dope job at being ushers. Everyone was seated so that's a plus....
  • Our flower girls were super adorable and included my nieces Pyper and Anna, and Ellie's cousin Ava. Our ring bearers were studs and consisted of Ellie's cousins Jack and Gabe, and my nephew Colin.

Third, I would love to thank our vendors. All of these people who either captured or added to our big day did incredible work.

  • Laurie Cook and her husband were incredible photographers. They spent the whole day with us and she does just incredible work. You can see her work on her site here, or on her Facebook page here.
  • I'm super excited to see footage from our wedding day by our videographers Devin and his wife Stephanie were there also all day long. They have a WAAAAYYYY better version of the wedding party dance that hopefully I'll get to share with you soon, but you can see their stuff on their Facebook page here.
  • A huge thank you goes to our DJ Mike Pickney for kicking some butt. Also our photo booth operator Melissa Siech. I've worked with Mike and Melissa for quite sometime (especially Mike) and they are two of the best wedding vendors out there.
  • Our decorators did an incredible job as well. The ladies from We Do in Britt, Iowa were just great to work with. Ellie's mom Kim and We Do surprised Ellie with these beautiful drapes and they just made everything look incredible. You can see more work from them on their Facebook page by clicking here.
  • A big thank you goes to Mandy at the Best Western Holiday Lodge in Clear Lake. She was incredible to work with and had way to much patience with me.

Fourth and maybe the biggest thank you goes to Paula and Ellie's dad Ken. If you think nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, let me tell you now, something will. The great part is having people their to help you when something major goes wrong. We ordered a trolley to pick us up after the ceremony to take us to the reception. Unfortunately, the day of the wedding, it broke down. Paula and Ken sprung into action to find a trolley ASAP in the area. Thank you Paula and Ken for stepping up big time to make sure we had a perfect day.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Mrs. Ellie Kenney. Thank you for saying yes to dating me, for saying yes when I asked you to marry, and for saying yes at the altar. I'm so excited to spend a lifetime together. I have no idea how I convinced you to marry a man like me, but I'll never take that, or you for granted. I know this isn't screaming it from the top of a mountain, but hopefully a 100,000 watt radio station does the trick.

I love you, Ellie.

Kenney Wedding


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