Valentine's day is creeping up on us, so if you haven't started dropping hints on what you want, now would be the time. For me, it's a bouquet. But I don't want a bouquet of flowers. No, I want one made of Reese's.

And, because 2019 is apparently what dreams are made of, that's a real thing! Walmart is selling it this season. Don't worry, there's still flowers in it, but there's more chocolate and isn't that the most important thing? Check it out:


You can order it online now and it'll only take a few days to arrive. It costs just shy of $45, but just look at how much candy you get! According to Walmart's website, it contains 36 peanut butter cups.

The best part? It's not technically classified as a Valentine's Day gift. Walmart lists it under the "Just Because" category, and that's the kind of positivity I like to see.

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