With last week's WandaVision theories, we had a lot of new ideas and possibilities! Even I had said

Move over DOOM, Mephisto, and Agatha. Now it's Ultron's time in the sun.

Well, I ate those words seeing as though Agatha has made her appearance! This threw fan theories back to square one. Also, her theme song has been stuck in my head all week, I love it!

As we move into episode 8, we all get to see who has been causing problems for Wanda. We now know it's not just SWORD, but Agatha as well. The biggest question is if she is the last bad guy to be added to this show? Some theories believe she is just working for Mephisto.

It appears that Wanda did make this world and is holding these people against their will, but Agatha has been causing even more problems.Viewers truly do not know what turmoil will lead to. I also like the theory that the Pietro Maximoff we see is in fact the real one, but now Agatha pulled him from a different universe and is controlling him.

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The last theory is the rumor that there is another big cameo coming. Many think it's Mephisto, but others think it's going to be another X-men character, or even a member of the Fantastic four.

Personally at this point I think we have one more crazy twist left that is somehow connected to the new 'Black Widow' movie. It just seems a little fishy that Marvel isn't releasing it on streaming platforms. Instead, they're opting for a theatrical release and the movie will only be available in theaters.

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