If you're on a budget but you still enjoy some fine art, you'll want to visit the Figge Art Museum in April.

Admission to the Figge will be free for everyone during the month of April, thanks to a sponsorship from Deann Thoms, according to WHBF.

In a release from the Figge, Thoms expressed how thrilled she is that a current exhibition, "Sporting Fashion", is on display at the Figge and she wants to help everyone in the community to be able to see it. She said in the release:

I am dedicated to making it possible for everyone in the community to see this exhibition that celebrates physical freedom; examines the competing priorities of style, function and propriety; and explores the impact of new technologies and evolving social mores on women’s sports clothing.

Sarah Stringer
Sarah Stringer

"Sporting Fashion" is a two-floor exhibit of authentic vintage clothing ensembles that spans over 150 years of women's fashion for different active pursuits and I can confirm that it's definitely worth going to see.

Besides "Sporting Fashion", there are a lot of beautiful exhibits on display at the Figge right now in addition to the art museum's permanent collections.

Admission to the Figge is already free every Thursday 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. all throughout the year thanks to Chris and Mary Rayburn. Thursday night events at the Figge are often free to the public as well.

You can get more details on the Figge Art Museum on their website and keep up with their latest events on their Facebook page.

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