Every year has it's hardships, but 2020 really hit hard right out of the gate, and just kept getting worse. For many 2020 is by far the worst year they can remember. Other years however also had their moments. Some had floods, and other natural disasters. While different years had personal hardships for many.

2020 is still going to be dumpster fire even if it isn't technically "the worst year" out there.


For me 2012 sticks out as a bad year, seeing as though that was the predicted "end of the World!" I was in middle school at the time, and thought about the end of times everyday until 2013. As 2020 comes to an end it's nice to know this year wasn't the end of times either. It's now time to look back and see if it was personally your worst year.

Hopefully we can all look to 2021 with excitement and it can give us all something to be grateful for. No matter what happens make sure you stay safe out there. Happy New Years Quad Cities!

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