It's no secret why this is happening. Due to major storms there is a lot of fallen trees. This leads to a surplus of wood chips. Some places in the Midwest are now trying to get rid of these wood chips.

"The Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center has wood chip mulch but supplies may be intermittent.**

The Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center has coarse-ground wood chip mulch available at no cost. Landfill staff can load your truck or trailer, including semi trailers. For small quantities bring your own container and a pitchfork or shovel."

While this stuff is never overly expensive it's nice to snag some for free if you need them.

Many other locations across the Midwest are taking part in this as well. Along with Facebook rumors that some locations may even pay you. It should be noted I could not find any concrete evidence of this. Those posts could be a scam.

Landfills are also dealing with Storm Debris Drop-off. Many trying to open other drop off areas due to the large number of trees. Many of us are still cleaning up after this storm, and will be for awhile. It is important to pay attention to the updated rules and mandates in your area.

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