There's no fear that grips you quite as suddenly and as harshly as when something appears to be wrong with your food, or your drink. Panic sets in immediately. But don't worry Rock Island, there's a reason your water might've been discolored today.

According to WQAD, the City of Rock Island was scheduled to flush out its fire hydrant system today, October 7th. The work was slated to "begin at midnight and then carry on throughout the first and third shifts of the day."

With the flushing out process comes some side effects. The city notes that residents' water may be discolored, contain sediment, or have low pressure. If this happens to you, there's an easy fix!

All you have to do is run cold water from the tap for a few minutes until the cloudiness of the water goes away. If residents have additional concerns, they can call the Public Works Department or visit the City’s website.

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