Drug overdoses are one of the lead causes of deaths in America. There have been many ODs here in the quad cities as well. The "Safe injection sites are available all over overseas and there are many in Canada. Now, many US states are pushing to get them here.

What is a "Safe Injection Site"?
The facilities, also known as "supervised injection sites" or "safe consumption sites," provide clean needles and space for people who inject illicit drugs. If an overdose occurs, trained staff can administer naloxone, which reverses the overdose. The facilities also test for HIV, provide wound care, and refer users to substance abuse treatment.

Safe injection sites would allow for people suffering from addiction to use drugs at facilities under the supervision of trained staff.

There are already Safe Injection Sites in Phillidalphia, Seattle, and other US cities. States such as New York, Illinois, and Arizona are also calling for these safe injection sites.

As you could imagine, these sites cost millions of dollars, but they save thousands of lives around the world.

Are you for or against a Safe Injection Site coming to the Quad Cities?