As a Bear's fan I don't usually have high hopes for the Super Bowl, and since only two teams make it each year, a lot of fans find themselves picking the team they dislike less, to win. This year finally one of my top three teams made it. Go Chiefs.

Even only with these two teams playing, fans from all over still watch the Super Bowl. It is still one of the largest TV events in the US. With this much popularity, and so many just causal viewers watching there are sure to be some weird Super Bowl traditions.

My Tradition for the past few years has just been going to a family friends house with my family and eating some food. According to quintevents many fans have similar and laid back traditions. From picking a favorite commercial to just singing with the half time show, but man do some people go all out.

One weird Tradition for a neighborhood in Minnesota is sitting on their roof, even in bad weather to watch a game. This isn't the first case of roof sitting for NFL fans. Last year a Bengals fan, according to Fox news and multiple other sources, sat on his roof for months until his team won a game.

Another wacky tradition for some are family bets, no money involved just good ol' humiliating bets. It doesn't sound to bad, but some of those bets can get pretty gnarly, from standing out side dressed up in a dipper holding a sign that says "My team sucks" or even to having to text an ex! Some people go all out.

Finally my "favorite" is the coin toss turn out. Many people know about the coin toss. but some traditions have the viewers guess and whoever guesses wrong either can't watch the game, or has to go watch it on a smaller TV. Not watch the game?! Why would you even make that bet with such a high risk?

Do you and your family have any crazy Super Bowl traditions?

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