Decorating and styling a smaller space like an apartment can be a challenge. If you need ideas or inspo, read on to see what elements I brought to mine.

First, Bruce's Furniture in Davenport was awesome in the move. My reclining couch, loveseat, coffee and end tables, and bedroom suite come from them. Really nice folks out there, I definitely recommend a stop by Bruce's if you're looking for furniture.

Also, let me recommend YouTuber Alexandra Gater. If you're moving into a new apartment or small space, check her out. She's a great point of reference on designing smaller spaces-like apartments or dorms-to look cute but not overloaded. Her video on gallery walls helped me design mine.

My biggest challenge with this move was having enough storage. I'm 8 hours away from home so I can't just run to my old closet if I need anything. Luckily, the tenant before me left behind a white armoire that became my coat/Swiffer closet and you'll see where I snuck in some extra storage nooks.

My apartment is industrial, with exposed pipes on the ceiling and concrete floors. It's a fun vibe to play with. I gave it more of a neutral palette because of it but added pops of pastel pink since I thought a pastel blue would bring out a weird undertone of some kind in the concrete.

It's still kind of a work in progress but it's coming together.

Without further ado, welcome to my crib, MTV.

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