Listen, universe. Life was already hard today. It's the first day back to work after a nice, long weekend for many people. For those who didn't get a few extra days off, it was even harder. Revealing this on top of it all was just cruel.

Am I overreacting? Maybe. Call me old fashioned, I just don't think macaroni and cheese should come IN A CAN. Indeed, it is a thing now. In fairness, yes, Chef Boyardee has been doing this for awhile. But the Chef's ravioli leaves some room for forgiveness.

This new concoction comes from Heinz – the same folks who recently released a line of weird condiments including "mayochup." Why they decided it was time for canned mac is unclear, but it's available in stores and on Amazon.

The folks over at Diply are responsible for pointing out that this exists, and I am both grateful and not. Is nothing sacred anymore? Does everything have to be a thing?

Would you try this?

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