O.K. I really can't stand this. It makes me crazy. It's time to rant friends.

I was at Vanderveer Park last night and was out for a walk. We got up to the fountain and rounded it and noticed a ridiculous amount of cars on either side of the road through the park. I noticed a group of kids in their lawn chairs chillin on the sidewalk. Is this a new thing? We couldn't hardly make it down the road with the dogs and avoid other cars coming. Don't these kids have like houses they can all hang at and not gather in one of the nicer parks in the city of Davenport? As we were walking by the lagoon, a giant jacked up pick-up came whipping into the parking lot and scared the dogs.

I get it. It's a public park and they have every right to be there as I do to walk through the park, but c'mon. Can't we all share the park and be responsible? Now get off my lawn!

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