I love my job. I'm always running to the next thing doing this or that. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Friday night I had the opportunity to host Rock the District with a good friend of mine. I love live music. When I came off the stage, one gentlemen stopped me and said "this was rock n' roll only!" I was kinda puzzled by his comment for a moment and I looked at him and said "it's all good dude!"

Here's the thing...I'm going to pull back the curtain a little. I am a music fan. I love music. Anyone who knows me knows this fact.

I have worked at a few radio stations in my career with different formats. I am a pretty good DJ in my own right, playing the latest dance music for the masses. My iPod is filled with different artist ranging from Frank Sinatra, to Notorious B.I.G, to Chainsmokers, to Brad Paisley, to Five Finger Death Punch and all stops in between. I've seen many live shows from different artists along my journey as well. I tend to lean more towards rock, but I don't discriminate.

My point is...with so much hate in the world right now, why can't we all just get along and enjoy the music? Doesn't matter if I work for a pop radio station, or a country station, or a rock station. It's all about coming together and having a good time.

P.S....Theory of a Deadman is one of my favorite bands and put on a great show. I was honored to bring them up on stage, as well as local bands the Zealots, 3 Years Hollow, and Saving Able. Thanks to all who came out and supported.

C. LaGrow
C. LaGrow

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