We are a month past Christmas. Local stores have (for the most part) packed up all their left over Christmas decorations and the extra stock is now on clearance. But, there are still a few homes (even a business that I saw in Moline) that are still celebrating.

Ok, ok, I get it. The weather hasn't been favorable to go out and take them down. I can respect that argument. There have been a few nice days in the last month to get out and take the decorations down. But to still turn them on? Are you kidding me? I normally take me decorations the first weekend after Christmas. Ok, I take them all down except for my light up Yoda in his Santa suit because its Yoda in a Santa suit. I know lots of people who don't take their tree down either. They decorate it for other holidays...but leaving the light-up Santa out and plugging it in...or the inflatables out and still blown up?

The photo above is a house I saw while running to the store Sunday night.

PS, we are just over a month away from spring.

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