It's good to have hobbies. But who knew your hobbies make you more attractive?

Ladies, what is the most attractive hobbies or interest a guy can have? And fellas, what is the most attractive hobby a woman can have?

According to eHarmony the ten most attractive hobbies are:

1. Traveling

2. Exercise

3. Going to the theater

4. Dancing

5. Cooking

6. Doing stuff outdoors

7. Politics

8. Pets

9. Photography

10. Sports

And ladies, the 10 most attractive hobbies you can have are:

1. Exercise

2. Photography

3. Travel

4. Art

5. Dancing

6. Politics

7. Doing stuff outdoors

8. Cooking

9. Learning

10. Music

Does going to the theater count if I'm going to the movie theater to see the new Marvel superhero movie? And just because I like pets, it doesn't mean I have to like her cat.

One hobby women don't find attractive is partying with friends on the weekend.  Even though women want a guy who likes theater, it's not mutual:  Women who say they really love the theater get fewer matches than women who don't.

So it's all relative then?

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