It's no secret that many people are looking forward to the holiday season. According to the SUN two in three Americans said the upcoming holidays mean so much more than ever before. Along with that, 56 percent of Americans had started their holiday preparations in September.

Now that the holiday season has started with Halloween just ending, we take a look at what holiday people are most excited for.

Lucky Halloween wasn't the most looked to holiday of 2020, seeing as it has already come and gone. It was 2nd however with Thanksgiving being 3rd, and New Years being 4th That left Christmas being number 1.

A Minted survey also stated,

72 percent said it’s become a priority to stay connected with friends and family via cards, care packages and letters this year, while 74 percent agreed that sending and receiving holiday cards hold more sentimental value this year than in previous years.

Clearly people really are keeping a close eye on the holidays this year. Which leads to the question, which holiday are looking forward to most?

No matter what holiday you are looking forward to make sure you have a fun and safe one QC!

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