This blog post has me "Thinking Out Loud." What is the most played wedding song. I've been busy doing weddings this past month and more on the way. If you're planning a Fall wedding, I'm here to help.

The hardest question I always ask couples is what do you want for "your" song? That's most of the time when I get crickets followed with a "we'll get back to you about that."

If you're getting married and need help with songs for your Dj, the Washington Post is here to help.

According to them, the most popular wedding song is "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. This isn't just for a first dance. This is in-general. If you go to a wedding, chances are your gonna hear this song sometime.

Ed also ties the top spot with Michael Jackson for most songs played at a wedding.

Iowa, the most played song at your wedding is "Fishin' In The Dark" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Illinois, you get "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Check out the most popular wedding songs by state here.

Now, "first dance" man Ed came in second to...Justin Bieber? "The Biebs" got the top spot with the cleverly titles song "First Dance."

If your getting married or know someone who is, check out the article here.




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