The closing of Toys 'R' Us has thrown many parents into a panic. We now know for sure that both QC locations will be shutting their doors soon, but one issue that's been left up in the air (until now) is what will happen to the Babies 'R' Us registries of moms-to-be.

A Toys 'R' Us spokesperson delivered the bad news to People yesterday, saying that gift registries will only be available for the next couple of weeks, and parents are responsible for transferring their registry to a different store.

I know many people choose to register for shower gifts at Babies 'R' Us, so I'm sure all of this upheaval is stressful. Babies 'R' Us had a huge selection of clothing, furniture, and gear that will be hard to find at another store. It will certainly be a little chaotic for those having a shower this spring.

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