You've heard the song, "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" by Mike Posner and after that, he started another mission.I had no idea where Mike Posner went after playing his song on the radio since 2015.

Today, a friend asked me if I have checked out Mike Posner's website. I thought, "That's so random. I haven't heard anything from him in years." He suggested I should because what he's up to is pretty amazing.

Mike Posner is currently walking across the entire U.S. to, according to his goals on his site:

I am so impressed with this mission. I love seeing people do the things they feel are bringing about change, whether within themselves or in communities.

"When people ask me why I walked across America, I will say 'I walked across America to be somebody I'm actually proud of.' "

I realize I'm a year late to the Mike-Posner-walking-party but damn, this is such an amazing journey he made. I'm feeling so inspired by what he did. It's really moving to go back on his Instagram and watch. (***NSFW: The video below does fly a few F-bombs so listen with ear buds in***)

I definitely hit the follow button on the verified Mike Posner account and have now become an even bigger fan than just his music. I'm a fan of who he intentionally chooses to be.


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