We all love a good guessing game, or a chance to show off our knowledge. Now, you can win a prize just for being a pro at guessing.

"What's in the B100 Box?!" Is a guessing game for YOU! The prize inside the box is worth over $200. Every weekday at 9am and 3pm we will give you a new clue and a cue to call on air for your chance to guess what's in the box. Even if you guess wrong you still get some B100 swag as a consolation prize. 


You can also find all the failed Guesses here, along with the new clue of the day. The closer you get to the right answer the better the consolation prizes get! Get ready to be the best guesser in the QC with the "What's In The B100 box" challenge.


Clue 1: There is one thing in this box, and it is half the size of the box.

Clue 2: The prize involves music

Clue 3: The prize has 4 words in its name

Clue 4: The prize is less than 10 pounds

Clue 5: The prize is a collectors item

Clue 6: The prize involves a female artist

Clue 7: The prize is about of these artist's tour

Clue 8:?

Clue 9:?

Clue 10: ?

Failed Guesses:

Guess 1: A sleigh

Guess 2: Gift Card

Guess 3: Bluetooth speaker

Guess 4: Home stereo system

Guess 5: Beats by Dre Headphones

Guess 6: Concert tickets for two

Guess 7: Smart Watch

Guess 8: Victrola Bluetooth Record player 

Guess 9: Sony Bluetooth Stereo Turntable

Guess 10: A signed artist's hat

Guess 11: Katy Perry Signed CD

Guess 12 Billie Eillish Merch BOX

Guess 13: Taylor Swift Swag Box - CORRECT ANSWER**

Congrats to Audrey of Fulton on winning this awesome collectors item!

b100 box

Thanks to everyone who guessed what's in the B100 Box!


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