What is the must-have appetizer in Iowa?

No matter the gathering, some things just seem to disappear off of the appetizer area fast than others. Could these really be Iowa's favorite?

There is one thing I was asked to bring. Pickle wraps. Not just any pickle wrap. Hy-Vee pickle wraps. Personally, I always try my best to make the food I bring from organic foods, humanely-raised meats and blah, blah, blah. Sometimes, I am simply not able to and I run to the store and get the peeps what they want.

Otherwise known as "Holiday Pickle Wraps," 'Iowa Sushi,' or "Lutheran Sushi,' according to an article on at DesMoinesRegister.com,(I seriously have never heard it referred to as 'sushi.') these wraps disappear quicker than anything else on the appetizer table. Even faster than the buffalo dip wrapped in real bacon my Uncle made.

“This is definitely a Midwestern thing,” Maulsby said. “You go to Arizona, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, they’ve never heard of a pickle wrap. Some Wisconsin and Minnesota people do know about pickle wraps, but I think Iowans should embrace this as our own, for sure.”

I only recently learned about pickle-wrap dip, where you mix all the ingredients together and add crackers.  Hang on, jowly St. Nick! This is a game-changer at my Christmas appetizer table this year.