It's finally here! St. Patrick's Day! It's in my opinion the un-official start to spring (which actually starts on the 20th). There's a lot going on this weekend in the Quad Cities. What ever you have planned, and you plan to have "a lot of fun" please be responsible.

But, it's time to debunk some St. Patrick's myths. If you were listening to Brooke and Jubal this morning, Jubal had a list of six things that we as American's do to celebrate St. Paddy's Day that aren't Irish traditions.

6. Pinching people for not wearing green.

5. Drinking green beer.

4. Drinking Irish Car Bombs.

3. Wearing green leprechaun top hats.

2. Female leprechauns.

1. The Phrase "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"

Hmmmm. 5 and 6. Do you see something there? Why do we have to Americanize everything? PS...if you dye your beer green, most Irish men will punch you! Irish man law!. Happy St. Paddy's Day! See you all at the parade.


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