I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! It's Restaurant Week in the Quad Cities, but there are no Mexican joints on the list. Foodies unite!  Where are the best Mexican places in the Quad Cities? We looked at Yelp to find out the very best. In no particular order:

Sandra R: Hola! If you are interested in FRESH, to-made Mexican food.... THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!!! A friend of mine brought me tacos one night and I fell I LOVE!!! Lol, with the tacos! They are everything you want! Now I am a " regular" of Angelica's.... she is so sweet, so efficient, and so lovely. I am a creature of habit and always get the ground beef/hardshell but I add traditional goat cheese and guacamole. Is fabulous!!! Margaritas are good, a tad too sweet for me so I get a cervesa! SERVICE IS DAB, FOOD IS FAB, atmosphere is fab, I hope this helps you all! I used to to to either Rudy's or Ganzo's for lack of better, but after my first bite, it was over! GO THERE!!!!!!

Katherine M: Los Primos is the best in the QC. Finally we found an authentic Mexican food restaurant in Davenport. We moved here from Phoenix, AZ where we were spoiled. Casual, order at the register, watch the cooks preparing the food. The fish Taco was fresh and the Chipotle sauce gave it a nice smokey flavor with crunchy cabbage. I ate it before I could photograph it! YUMMY!! I'm a happy girl!

Bethany F: Good service, very fast with our food on a Saturday night. Lots of cheese sauce on our food but that's a good thing. Very decent prices on the food and margaritas.

Olivia K: Very cute and clean Mexican restaurant! Great service and chips right off the bat! I had heard so many great things about this place and it definitely lived up to them. My chicken quesadilla was amazing. The tortilla was soft but crunchy and buttery and not overstuffed with chicken. Their guacamole too was really great paired with the quesadilla. If you're looking for an awesome Mexican restaurant in the QCA, look no further!

Vincent R: Really amazing burritos. Really nice waitresses. I always tip them at least 20 percent. Not because I just going around tipping money to people, im actually very picky when it comes to tipping.. but because they ALWAYS earn it

What is your favorite Mexican restaurant in the Quad Cities? Bon appetite...or should I say "Ole!"

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