Calling all food foragers. This weekend could produce the first morel we see.

Every spring, without fail, some of us run for the woods to forage the morel mushrooms found there. Right near elm trees, among the density and dampness, are those beautiful, odd-looking, spongy beauties we all live for.

Last year, my friend from WQAD, Denise Hyntka shared her goody bag of morels and I can't wait to actually go this year. I would love to grab my own and make a morel mushroom feast.

When is the best time to hunt for them? What are the ideal conditions? Are there any other states around us who have seen them yet?

According to,

"The highly sought after spring bounty usually starts to appear in Iowa around mid-April when daytime temperatures reach close to 70 and nighttime lows stay above 50 degrees."

" morel hunters to try searching near dead or dying elm trees, along with apple orchards or areas that have been recently burned off prior to morel season."

"Krebill also recommends mossy areas, river bottoms and near stumps."

Here is an Iowa map of morels: