Alternating Currents
Alternating Currents

Alternating currents is returning to the QC this weekend! It has been compared to SXSW and Newbo evolve, which is saying a lot! This is a great event for the Quad Cities area! We have the hook up on tickets! Just comment on our facebook to win! Or text CURRENT to 563-326-2100 for a chance to win! Or if you just want Dr. Dog tickets, text DOG to 563-326-2100 for a chance to win!

Here is all the info you need on the event from!
Music.  Film.  Comedy.  Art. - On Aug 23 - 26, downtown Davenport will be brimming with energy as over a dozen venues host a wide variety of original live music, film screenings, comedians, and visual artists.

Check out over 100+ PERFORMANCES/EVENTS + 16 VENUES; the public is encouraged to visit from venue to venue and explore all downtown has to offer. The festival is located in the heart of Downtown Davenport where you’ll find dozens of restaurants, shops, bars and more beyond our official venues. For more information about downtown, click here.

The Downtown Davenport Partnership is hosting this festival for a variety of reasons; it gives us a chance to highlight our incredible cultural scene while also building-up the local businesses that make our downtown unique. We're big fans of the Quad Cities too; we couldn't think of a better way showcase this amazing gem on the Mississippi River to the world.

There are two tickets associated with Alternating Currents; the ticket for the big show with Dr. Dog Saturday night at the Adler Theatre, and the Weekend Pass that gets you entry and priority access to the 3 other venues we just mentioned.

You can walk up to a ticketed-venue and pay $5 per show at the door; however, the Weekend Pass is only $20 in advance and provides entry to EVERY SHOW ALL WEEKEND (other than the Adler).  No doubt you should buy it if you’re wandering downtown all weekend.  We will also be selling weekend passes during the event.  Again, all other venues beyond these three are still FREE all weekend.

Q: What does “priority access” with Weekend Pass mean?

“Priority Access” with a Weekend Pass means if you show up to a ticketed-venue and the place is already at capacity, you get first dibs for entry as a patron leaves the venue via a separate line.  We also open up venues early for ticket holders.    It’s the same model South by Southwest (SXSW) festival has used for years.  With so many events across downtown though, you can always bounce to another show or event if you don’t feel like waiting in line (assuming there is a line to begin with).  Again, only Stardust, Redstone Room at RME, and Raccoon Motel require a door-ticket or Weekend Pass.

Q: Hold on, I’m still not sure I get it?

We understand; it’s a new concept around here.  Just show up downtown! We promise; it’s really pretty simple (and fun!)  Basically, you’re going to be bouncing around checking out cool stuff while grabbing food and drinks along the way.  Roam.  Wander.  Check out a show for 15 minutes, then check out one you love for an hour.  It all makes sense once you experience it.  So make it your own, and check out a little bit of everything on our artistic buffet.

The event is all-ages; HOWEVER, some venues are 21+, particularly in the evening.  Each venue’s age-restrictions are the same as their typical rules on any normal day.  We will have kids programming in the River Music Experience Courtyard Genesis Family Stage, and all of our art events are kid friendly, too.  Some movies (and my concerts) are a good fit as well, but be sure to read up on our website before you bring your kiddo to a particular movie or gig.

Downtown Davenport has three perfectly located parking ramps with cheap parking costs, and street parking is FREE!  The Brady St. ramp is located (you guessed it) just off of Brady St., the Redstone Ramp is just behind the River Music Experience and the Harrison St. ramp is (you guessed it again) just off of Harrison St. Parking is pay before you play similar to a parking meter. All three ramps have kiosks on the main floor of the ramp.
Click here for more parking info and ramp locations.

This is their second year hosting Alternating Currents! They have tapped into the Quad Cities best talent to create the village that is making this festival happen.

Coming from out of town?
Getting around can sometimes be tricky in a new place, and we totally get that. With a little help from google maps and their trusty Downtown Davenport Partnership website, we've got you covered. Here are the places to stay, eat, and shop! Take pictures and share them with us by using #tagtheQC!

Here is some more info straight from their site! Visit their site for full details here.


Food and Alcohol

One of our favorite aspects of Alternating Currents is all of the love that is going back in to the downtown Davenport businesses. For food, we want you to hop in and grab a quick bite to eat at one of our restaurants or food trucks. If you're ready to party, we’ve got plenty of bars and restaurants, and many of our official venues have both food and adult beverages, too.

Lost & Found
Please call 563.322.1706 after the festival if you have lost an item. We will hold items for 30 days. The Downtown Davenport Partnership will not be held liable for any items unclaimed.

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