We are at it again! B100 is the plug on any and every pop / hit Music concert in Iowa and Illinois. Heck, we have the hook up on misting shows in the US! Keep that in mind for the future. US Cellular is having a huge KESHA concert in Cedar Rapids and the only way to get tickets is to stop by their stores OR to listen to B100! Listen to get qualified to win tickets. Then join us Friday from 3-5 at US Cellular in Moline. We will be giving away a pair of tickets every 15 minutes starting at 3:30!

B100 is the exclusive partner with US Cellular in the Quad Cities for this Kesha show! We will see you this Friday!

You can text KESHA to 563-326-2100 to get your name in the final drawing.

We will be taking last minute qualifiers at US Cellular in Moline in Friday, but your name isn’t guaranteed to be in the final drawing unless you text us.

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