One Midwestern town is in a pretty good mood.

Every town has a certain vibe and one that's pretty good to own up to is being one of the happiest cities in America. WalletHub recently looked at which cities are little rays of sunshine and (not surprisingly) many of them were towns along the beach on either the west or east coast. Because who doesn't love hanging out at the beach?

But one of the happiest towns was in Dairyland.

The study had 3 main categories that had their own stat subsets:

  • Emotional & Physical Wellbeing (includes rates of depression, suicide, adequate sleep, and physical health and sports participation)
  • Income & Employment (includes poverty rate, income growth rate, unemployment rate, commute time)
  • Community & Environment (includes separation & divorce rate, weather, and hate-crime incidents)

One Wisconsin Town Is In A Good Mood


The study found that Madison, Wisconsin ranks as the 4th happiest town in America.

How can you not be happy when you have fried cheese curds and delicious dairy food everywhere?

Madison scored 2nd in the best adequate sleep rate (does cheese help you sleep? Maybe?). They ranked 7th for Emotional & Physical Wellbeing, 17th for Income & Employment, and 9th for Community & Environment.

Other landlocked states that had good scores include Overland Park, Kansas (which ranked 2nd) and Minneapolis ranked 13th. A few other Midwest states made the list too but didn't rank as high. Aurora, Illinois made the list, along with Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.

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