Father's Day is right around the corner and as a father of 2, I can't wait to spend the day with my kids doing some swimming and cooking out. But some dads might not be home this weekend because their job has them somewhere else.

If you're one of those dads who don't get to spend Father's Day with your kids, you know, the small humans that make you a dad, then maybe you start looking for jobs in a state that is really good for working dads. Wisconsin is one of those states but what makes it so good for working dads?

A new study revealed that Wisconsin ranked as the 7th-best state for working dads. The reason is that Wisconsin ranks higher in key categories like economic and social well-being, health, and work-life balance.


As a matter of fact, the Midwest is just a really great region for working dads. Besides Missouri and Michigan, the rest of the Midwest ranked in the top half of best states for working dads.

Another state that made it into the top 10 was Illinois at number 9. As a matter of fact, Illinois has the 5th-highest median family income. Minnesota was the highest-ranking Midwest state landing at number 5.

If you live in a state that isn't the best for you, a working dad, maybe it's time to look at Wisconsin, Illinois, or just the Midwest as a place to get a new job. The people are friendly and the workplaces are also very accommodating.

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