Every state has its own language. Only people in the state or those born and raised can really speak the language. Wisconsin is no exception and if anything, it's the rule on creating its own language that really makes the other 49 states say, "what?"

As we discovered, Iowa has a tendency to call ground beef that is cooked, hamburger. Even though that's in the same ballpark, Wisconsin calls this type of fountain a name no other state in the U.S. does and it's throwing everyone off.


Wisconsin's Own Language

Not only does Wisconsin have a weird name for this fountain you find at schools and in parks, but the source Only In Your State has 14 other words and phrases you'll only hear in the Packers state.

You probably also hear these phrases in Iowa and Illinois, depending on where you are in the state. Thanks to Wisconsin comedian Charlie Berens, North Dakota comedian Myles Montplaisir and the internet, more people are understanding the Midwest language.

Here are other phrases and words you'll hear in Wisconsin:

  • You betcha
  • Pop (referring to soda)
  • Bag is Beg and Begel is Bagel.
  • Ope!

The name Wisconsin gives to a drinking or water fountain is really throwing people off.

attachment-Wisconsin (1)

Get a Drink Out Of The, Bubbler?

You typically find these in schools or even parks. 99% of America calls them either drinking fountains or water fountains.

In Wisconsin, they call them bubblers for some reason. No, not the flavored carbonated water drink created by Pepsi, Wisconsinites legitimately call the thing you used as an excuse to be late for class in high school, a bubble.

All I got to say to you Wisconsin is "ah cripes."

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