Fried chicken is an American classic and when a place does it right, it's hard not to crave it. If you've had chicken from Wisconsin's most famous gas station, you let the cashier know that you will see them next time and really soon.

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If your mouth is watering yet for Kwik Trip's fried chicken, then you haven't had it yet. If you are craving it but short on cash, imagine never paying for Kwik Trip's fried chicken ever again. That's possible because Kwik Trip and Kwik Star are giving away fried chicken for life.

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip Is Giving Away Fried Chicken For Life

I'm not going to lie, Kwik Trip fried chicken is tasty. They've even perfected the rotisserie chicken but fried chicken is just a little bit more special. Kwik Trip's fried chicken is going to taste even better when you never have to pay for it again. That's right, free fried chicken for life could be yours.

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

Starting February 27, 2024, any fried chicken purchase at all Kwik Trip and Kwik Star locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois, will get you entered into a drawing that could win you one free 8-piece fried chicken per week for life. That’s a lot of chicken and it's all free.

How Does One Get Fried Chicken For Life?

First, if you are 18 or older and not a Kwik Rewards member, you should sign up for free. Once you do that, make any fried chicken purchase using your Kwik Rewards between February 27th and April 8th, 2024. That will have you entered to win fried chicken for life.

If you win this and you're 18, and you pass away at the age of 90, that means you would be winning 29,952 pieces of chicken. Yes, I did the math.

You can see the official rules here.

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