A Midwest woman was found to be worth some money at an airport in Illinois.

If you're going to travel with drugs, flying with them doesn't seem like the smartest way to go about it. TSA is literally looking for them in your checked and carry-on luggage. Their fancy scanners can find them stuffed in whatever random item.

NBC Chicago says that 27-year-old Chania Logan from Indianapolis was busted for allegedly trying to traffick drugs at Chicago Midway. But it wasn't just a few grams of cocaine.

Chicago Ornamental Company
Chicago Ornamental Company

Last week, authorities intercepted her luggage and also her traveling partner's luggage. She was flying from Midway to Los Angeles and once she got to baggage claim, she consented to a bag search.

She was honestly done at that point. In her luggage, they found 31 pounds of suspected cocaine. Her travel buddy wasn't giving up that easily. The travel buddy ran away when officials tried to talk to him, leaving behind his two checked bags that contained nearly the same amount of cocaine.

In the four bags that were checked, officials seized 61.7 pounds of suspected cocaine.

gram of cocaine could cost you anywhere from $50-$200 (street value) as of last fall. If that luggage had gotten lost that's probably millions of dollars that she and her travel buddy would've been screwed out of. 61 pounds is about the weight of a 7-year-old kid.

Chania was obviously arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and controlled substances trafficking. She was in court on June 5th and was put on electronic monitoring.

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