Ladies! We gotcha. You might think we don't, but we do.

I'm talking about ogling. Ladies, you all know you do it, you're just a little quieter about it then men, and a lot less creepy.

Ogling is defined as:

verb (used with object), ogled, ogling.                                                                              1. to look at amorously, flirtatiously, or impertinently.                                                        2. to eye; look or stare at.

verb (used without object), ogled, ogling.                                                                         3. to look amorously, flirtatiously, or impertinently.                                                           4. to look or stare.

noun                                                                                                                                   5. an amorous, flirtatious, or impertinent glance or stare

According to a new study, women OGLE men just as much as men ogle women.

The researchers say that both genders equally OBJECTIFY each other . . . and make snap judgments on what they see.

The study also found that single, heterosexual people are most likely to stare at people of the opposite sex . . . but married people check out people who are the SAME sex.

Why?  They want to see if there's someone around who their significant other might be tempted to cheat with.

Get more on the researchers findings here.

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