Ok fellas, Valentines Day is coming up in a few weeks. Have you given ANY thoughts where to take her for your date? You wannna sweep her off her feet and show her you're "the man!" To help guide you through the maze of heart-shaped crap, here are a few places you might think about taking her, but shouldn't.

1. Strip Club. Unless you're summoning your inner Benjamin Braddock, this pry isn't the best route.

2. Big Game Hunting. I get it, you're in the mood to show her you're a "Man." However, while you're smearing deer urine on your girlfriend's boots at 5 in the morning, maybe reconsider.

3. The Arcade. Holy crap, don't do this! I'm sure your moves on the Dance Dance Revolution are out of this freaking galaxy, but nothing makes a girl less likely to sleep with you than watching you flip out on the Time Crisis 3 machine.

4. Bungee Jumping/Jumping Out of a Plane. Anything where there's a chance of death should be the title of this one.

5. The Club. Any club on Valentine's Day will be full of 2 kinds of people. Groups of women who don't have dates and are desperately trying to prove they don't need them, and sleazy bros trying to pick up on the chicks with alcohol poisoning.

Just stick to a classy dinner (no, Applebee's isn't classy), and 50 Shades Darker and your set. Good luck fellas.



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