I'm beginning to think the people at Regal Cinemas have lost their minds.

According to WQAD, Regal Moline is taking movie snacking to another level with their new Cheetos flavored popcorn. Along with featuring the fake cheesy flavor, the popcorn will also have actual Cheetos mixed in with it.
“Cheetos Popcorn is our gift to Regal fans enjoying their favorite movie this holiday season,” said John Curry, senior vice-president of foodservice, Regal Cinemas. “We are thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Cheetos to deliver blockbuster snack choices to moviegoers.”

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I get behind this one. It's bad enough that regular movie theater popcorn has thousands of calories and tons of ingredients I can't pronounce. I can only imagine the Cheetos popcorn includes more sodium than the average person should consume in a week.

But snacks are kind of a subjective thing, so I'm sure plenty of you are thinking "Yum!" right now. Just please, don't mix the Cheetos popcorn with Milk Duds. I'm begging you.

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