Spring is very slowly approaching, but it is coming! And for a lot of people, that means potentially remodeling the backyard. If you're looking for a fun addition for the kids, may I suggest a giant slide? No seriously, GIANT. It's actually the one from the Illinois State Fair.

According to News Channel 20, the attraction is officially up for sale. At present, Prairie State Bank & Trust owns the slide. But, being a bank and all, they don't really want (or have use for) a huge slide.

They're hoping to sell it as soon as possible, to anyone who's interested. It'll cost a good chunk of money though; right now, it's listed at $135,000. But if you were to own it, you'd be snagging a piece of state fair history.

There were only 39 other slides like it built back in 1968, and it  has been part of the Illinois State Fair for almost half a century.

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