We're just over a week away from Christmas dinner, is your turkey defrosting? Or maybe your roast? Turducken? Whatever you're having, I'm sure it'll be delicious – but who says you can't have two meats? Or maybe you're still looking for one to begin with.

In a bout of Christmas spirirt, Hy-Vee is hooking Quad Citizens up with ham this week. On Tuesday, December 18, Davenport Hy-Vee employees, along with first responders, will be handing out free hams. It all starts at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, over at Goose Creek Park, 6000 Scott St. Davenport, Iowa.

It's always amazing to see local stores giving back to the community this way, especially at the holidays.

According to WQAD, "the giveaway is part of its second annual 'Hy-Vee Hams for the Holidays' campaign." These are limited quantity; the store will only be giving out 400 Hormel hams in total, so you're really going to want to be quick!

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