As the spooky season falls upon us each year, it seems that ghost towns suddenly become less empty again. Why go to a fake haunted house when you can see a real, truly haunted place?

At the top of the list for a lot of Quad Citizens is the old Buckhorn Creamery. It's just about 45 minutes from the Quad Cities, and the drive is easy. It's known for its "cemetery, a creamery building, and a long-ago abandoned church." But here's the thing – it's not abandoned!

In fact, you can take a guided tour of the property this year, thanks to the owner of the property, Jacob Reuter. According to Reuter, the Buckhorn property is in the process of being cleaned up, and will likely look totally different by this time next year.

So, before all the creepiness is gone, you can check it out up close, with someone who knows the history of the place. Click here for tour times and dates!

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