We're just over a week away from Christmas and I. Am. HYPED.

One of my favorite traditions is counting down to the big day with an advent calendar. Last year I had a LEGO advent calendar, but typically I stick to ones with candy. Daily chocolate? That's a true Christmas miracle.

But in the state of Iowa, there's no chocolate involved. At least, not with the state's largest advent calendar. Maybe you've seen it! It's in Davenport after all.

The Christmas countdown is visible through the windows of the German Heritage Center facing the Centennial Bridge. Each day, a new design – created by the 7th graders of the Creative Arts Academy – is installed and lit up on the south side windows.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry! You still have plenty of time. The calendar will count down to Christmas, but the piece will be up until January 13th!

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