It's healthy, it's good for you and you can find it at Fresh Blends in Bettendorf tomorrow.Now, I've had lots of fun things happen in life but this one is among the most fun, because it's something straight from my heart. I want you to feel your best, so of course, I'm going to suggest you try my juice. The Joni Juice will debut at Fresh Blends today. (they opened at 7 a.m.)

The surprise I got today when a juice was named after me at Fresh Blends
Liane, owner of Fresh Blends making Joni  Juice

So, by now, you  must be wondering what's in Joni Juice? It's easy, simple and full of powerful nutrients. Ready? Beet, lemon, apple and carrot. That's it. But put all those bad boys together and it makes a smooth juice that is nothing but very good for your immune system, great for your complexion, helps your body gently push toxins out and will help give your body those vital life forces (nutrients) you need to get from point A to point B.

You must let me know if you decide to try it! Tell me what you think. I want your feedback.