Iowans love to eat, and there are certain things I would say that we're better at cooking than most, like pork tenderloin or even corn cookies. But according to Thrillist, Iowa's most popular recipe is neither of those, and it's nothing else that you would assume either.

Using Google Trends, Thrillist compiled the most searched for recipe in each state, and Iowa's is (*drum roll, please*) frosting. Yes, of all things, Iowans are apparently concerned enough about making a cake topping that frosting was what they searched for the most. I guess everyone has their pork tenderloin recipe memorized by now.

Our neighbor Illinois' most searched for recipe was "cookie." Not a specific kind, just that. Some of the recipes seemed regionally specific. For instance, Louisiana searches for jambalaya the most and North Carolina's top recipe was sweet potato casserole. Others were sort of random (much like frosting). Minnesota loves shortcake and Wyoming is a big fan of coleslaw. And many states really love chocolate chip cookies, which is no surprise.

Check out the rest of the list here.

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