Good Housekeeping recently compiled a list of the 50 best cookie recipes by state, and to be quite honest, Iowa's is pretty unappealing.

The corn cookie was inexplicably ranked as the best cookie recipe for Iowa because according to the magazine, "This cookie is the perfect representation of Iowa's sprawling farms and agriculture." 

Um, sure. While Iowa is of course known for its farmland and yes, abundance of corn, you would think that Good Housekeeping could have come up with something a little tastier sounding. I'm not even a fan of cornbread, so the idea of making a cookie with corn in it is pretty stomach-churning to me.

Adding insult to injury, Illinois' best cookie is the mint chocolate chip, which looks and sounds a million times better in comparison. I can only imagine that a corn cookie tastes similar to cardboard, but maybe I'm being too harsh.

If you somehow find the desire to bake the cookie for yourself, here's the recipe. Popular Brooklyn bakery Momofuku sells corn cookies, and apparently they're a big seller, but I would still rather eat a macaron any day of the week.

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