Valentines Day is less than a month away and fellas and I've got some good news. I know what your Valentine wants. It's not candy. It's not flowers. She actually doesn't want ANYTHING!.

A new survey says 44% of women aren't expecting to get any gifts. Why is that? Is it because we guys suck at the romantic gift thing? I remember one Valentine's Day I gave someone a Jones Soda Valentines gift set. I thought it was amazing. Her, not so much. I am also not a flower guy. They just die. I've also never received anything for Valentines Day. My birthday is 2 weeks before, so it was always lumped together, and lets be honest, it's a holiday for women that we men get the full benefits of if we are lucky.

Now, before you decide your going to skip the whole Valentines gift thing, check out the findings of this survey:

1.  44% of women say they're not expecting to get any gifts on Valentine's Day.

2.  34% of women say they'd rather watch TV than get-it-on that night.

3.  If you do have sexual relations that night, 43% don't want to try anything new.

4.  And 40% say the corniest thing you can do on Valentine's Day is serenade them.  21% say the corniest move is putting rose petals on the bed.

P.S. If you want  to avoid knives being thrown at you, I would skip the new shop vac. That gift sucks and blows.

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