If you're sick of hearing a complete breakdown and analysis of 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life,' then feel free to ignore my commentary. If you, like myself, have been a fan since the show originally premiered 16 (!) years ago, then I hope you can relate.

I was 12 years old when I started watching the show, and although a lot of my perspective has shifted over the years, I still have certain opinions about 'Gilmore Girls' that have not changed.

For one, I am firmly Team Jess, and I think the revival only helped solidify that fact. Jess was, is, and always will be the most compatible with Rory (although her actions in the revival somewhat prove that he may, in fact, be too good for her at this point).

Also, I have never been a Kirk fan, and prefer the antics of other side characters, especially Michel, over Kirk's special brand of weirdness.

And yeah, I've always found Rory to be a bit annoying and self-centered. Lorelai is my preferred 'Girl,' although I can't pretend she's always made the best decisions either.

Anyway, I've compiled a list of some of the thoughts I had while bingeing the revival last Friday. And yes, I consumed all four chapters in one day because I have no life, apparently. This list is obviously not complete, as I had about 70,000 caffeine-riddled thoughts throughout the six hours, but these are some of the more significant points for me.

1. Hearing the soundbites play over the opening credits was SO EMOTIONAL. I can vividly remember so many of those moments. There's definitely going to be a huge void because of Richard's death.

2. Rory's voice sounds completely different and her overall body language is awkward. It feels almost as if the role were recast with someone who looks exactly the same. It would not surprise me whatsoever if Alexis Bledel took the most convincing to do the new episodes.

3. The whole bit about Rory's boyfriend Paul that everyone somehow forgets is lame and doesn't feel very authentic to the show. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I *love* that they finally gave Michel a personal life that makes total sense.

4. Annnnnnd Richard's funeral is just as sad as I predicted it would be. The fight between Lorelai and Emily in the flashback is fantastic, in terms of acting and elevating the emotion. Emmys all around!

5. Paris is everything. Love her hair, love her clothes, love her fierceness. Yeah, her career path is pretty unexpected and clearly only serves as a plot device, but also sort of makes sense in a way. I'm happy to see that Liza Weil had no issue stepping right back into the role. She's flawless. And although I don't believe for two seconds that Paris would still be hung up on Tristan/fake Chad Michael Murray, her reaction to seeing him is hilarious. (Side note, I was hoping Paris and Doyle would reconcile at some point and that, sadly, did not happen.)

6. A random compilation of things I don't buy for one second: Rory would still be involved (albeit secretly) with Logan after nine years, Luke and Loralei wouldn't have discussed having children or getting married after nine years, Lorelai couldn't think of one nice story to say about Richard, Rory would go to a job interview completely unprepared (2007 Rory would be horrified at that thought), Kirk would still be living with his mom after nine years... Okay, psyche on that last one.

7. Stars Hollow: The Musical is predictably boring (although seems exactly like something Taylor would do) and I may have fast forwarded through it. Sorry, not sorry.

8. JESS. As cute and quippy as ever, only now with massive arm muscles and I am here. for. it. But...It's been four years since they've seen each other and they don't hug? Really? He's your One That Got Away/sort of step-cousin, Rory! Be polite! Although I do love that he gives her life advice (as per usual) and the bit at the end where he tosses Luke's hat is Typical Jess. Love.

9. I get the whole Lorelai needs to find herself thing, but I am mercifully thankful that they didn't spend too much time with her going Wild. Her phone call to Emily is so wonderfully emotional though.  Also, I just knew that her return would mean she and Luke finally get engaged (again). Predictable, but also exactly what my nostalgic heart wanted.

10. Always hated the Life and Death Brigade and I don't understand why Rory would act all chummy with them now when she wasn't too fond of them back in 06-07, but then again, she's Rory Bot now- making weird non-sensical decisions. The visuals during the musical sequence were cool though.

11. Sookie was necessary and it would have felt really weird to not have her included at all, but I really wish (now megastar) Melissa McCarthy could have made a little bit more time for the revival. Like, one scene. You know, maybe her best friend's secret wedding?

12. Emily going OFF on the DAR ladies was fantastic and long overdue (loved the swearing!). Even though a lot of her behavior throughout the revival feels a little bit off, it makes a lot more sense that she would be experiencing an identity crisis due to the loss of her husband than it does for Rory Bot to be behaving like a spoiled teenager.

13. Rory's encounter with Dean is a standout moment. Definitely one of the more natural Rory scenes, and I love what she told him she would write about him in her book. Dean is living a predictably boring life, but that seems kind of fitting for him.

14. Sorry I'm obsessed with Jess, but THIS IS THE SADDEST THING EVER:


As Ryan Gosling so eloquently (lol) put it in The Notebook: "It still isn't over."

15. Welp, Rory's preggers, and it's obviously Logan's. As if we didn't already know, Logan is her Christopher. He's not a terrible person, but he could never fully commit. I guess this means Jess is her Luke, which I should be happy with, but I kind of dislike Rory right now. We've got our full circle moment, like it or not.