Asteroids have been zooming by Earth a bit closer than usual lately.  A refrigerator-sized asteroid was actually rumored to buzz-cut Earth Yesterday.

Astronomers at the University of Hawaii confirmed that a much larger asteroid is still on track to hit us in 2068. So it seems as though 2020 has gotten so bad that now it's got us predicting the end of the world in the future.

You can also track asteroids on multiple different sites thanks to NASA. It's fun and a bit scary to take a look at, but the biggest scare for some comes from the infamous asteroid Apophis also known as "God Of Chaos."

Astronomers have allegedly been tracking this asteroid since June 19, 2004 .It should be noted however that factors such as the asteroid’s distance at the time of observation, its shape and its surface features all affect the outcome. So there could still be mistakes made.

According to earthsky the estimated diameter is between 1,115 and 1,214 feet. So needless to say this would make a very large impact.

Is the end of the world happening in 2068, or does 2020 have something big waiting for us in December? Only time will tell.

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